Last week, Jewish Journalist Zvika Klein demonstrated the virulent animosity that Jews face in those portions of Paris dominated by Muslims. Klein while wearing traditional Jewish garb including a kippa, or skull cap, spent ten hours walking through different neighborhoods in the city while being secretly videotaped by a companion who walked ahead of him with a video camera that was concealed, except for the lens, of course, in his backpack.

This same technique was used by an attractive feminist in New York City last year. Her video captured catcalls. Klein’s video captured hatred.

Among the comments made by passersby that were recorded during Klein’s ten-hour stroll were the statements, “Go F--- from the front and the back,” “Hey you, with the kippa, what are you doing here?” and “Look at him. He should be ashamed of himself. What is he doing walking in here wearing a kippa?” Klein reported that the hateful stares and hostile body language made him feel as though he was walking in downtown Ramallah.

The video addresses the question of whether many or most Muslims share the antagonism toward Jews, and the West generally, that is being expressed by Islamic terrorists. For many of us, that question was answered when the residents of the West Bank, including Ramallah of course, began spontaneously dancing in the streets on September 11, 2001. But for others who missed that joyful demonstration (which was not broadcast widely by the U.S. media even when it happened), or who were too young at the time, this video will prove useful.

Klein, of course, was prompted to do this by the increasing terrorist activity being directed at Jews in Europe. Just after the Charlie Hebdo attack, which was merely directed at the free expression of ideas, a terrorist carried out deadly attacks at Jewish institutions in Copenhagen, and last week, Jewish graves were desecrated at a cemetery in France.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called on French Jews, whose 200,000-strong population is the largest Jewish community remaining in Europe, and a group that traces its presence in the country back for centuries, to come “home” to Israel. An increasing number of Jews are answering that call each year, with last year’s influx from France setting a record, and other French Jews are preparing to follow.

It is becoming likely that Europe will soon complete a century-long project of replacing 10-15 million Jews with an equivalent number of Muslims. We’ll just have to see how that works out.


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